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Disease Term
Synonyms ANGLE CLASS I, Class I Angle
Documents 6
Hot Single Events 2
Hot Interactions 0

Single Events

The table below shows the top 200 pain related interactions that have been reported for Angle Class I Malocclusion. They are ordered first by their pain relevance and then by number of times they were reported in Angle Class I Malocclusion. Please click on the 'INT' link to display more detailed information on each interaction.

Int No Page link Event String Documents TM Confidence Disease Relevance Overall Pain Relevance Term Relevance
1 INT319339 Localization of ZBP1 3 0.18 3.09 0.2 87.92
2 INT163133 Gene_expression of ZBP1 28 0.65 18.59 1.25 84.96
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