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This page displays the top molecular interactions and top single events that were mentioned in the literature that are relevant to Msln. 'Self' interactions are filtered out.

Single Events

The table below shows the top 100 pain related interactions that have been reported that are relevant to 60333. They are ordered first by their pain relevance and then by number of times they were reported that are relevant to 60333. Text mining (TM) confidence, disease relevance and pain relevance are highlighted in green if they are judged to be high and red if not. Please click on the 'INT' link to display more detailed information on each interaction.

Int No Page link Event String Documents TM Confidence Disease Relevance Pain Relevance
1 INT126454 Gene_expression of Msln 15 0.55 11.82 2.63
2 INT126453 Positive_regulation of Gene_expression of Msln 2 0.50 3.09 0.91
3 INT132906 Regulation of Gene_expression of Msln 1 0.28 1.14 0.42
4 INT126455 Transcription of Msln 1 0.07 0.84 0.13
5 INT219856 Binding of Msln 1 0.02 2.52 0
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