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Context Info
Confidence 0.49
First Reported 1991
Last Reported 2010
Negated 1
Speculated 0
Reported most in Abstract
Documents 11
Total Number 11
Disease Relevance 1.12
Pain Relevance 5.86

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cytosol (Cndp2) peptidase activity (Cndp2) cytoplasm (Cndp2)
Anatomy Link Frequency
plasma 1
brain 1
foramen rotundum 1
Cndp2 (Mus musculus)
Pain Link Frequency Relevance Heat
Potency 8 99.88 Very High Very High Very High
Enkephalin 43 99.60 Very High Very High Very High
Analgesic 16 98.86 Very High Very High Very High
analgesia 8 97.72 Very High Very High Very High
Delta opioid receptors 5 97.16 Very High Very High Very High
mu opioid receptor 1 96.48 Very High Very High Very High
agonist 4 94.24 High High
Morphine 6 93.52 High High
narcan 4 90.72 High High
Endogenous opioid 3 89.12 High High
Disease Link Frequency Relevance Heat
Nociception 1 97.36 Very High Very High Very High
Ganglion Cysts 2 94.76 High High
Pressure And Volume Under Development 1 94.64 High High
Pain 3 87.48 High High
INFLAMMATION 1 84.88 Quite High
Abdominal Pain 4 84.36 Quite High
Neuritis 1 82.48 Quite High
Cancer 113 76.48 Quite High
Disease 33 63.12 Quite High
Targeted Disruption 8 60.64 Quite High

Sentences Mentioned In

Key: Protein Mutation Event Anatomy Negation Speculation Pain term Disease term
The phylogenetic analysis successfully resolved vertebrate M13 peptidases into seven classes, one of which appears to be specific to mammals, and insect genes into five functional classes and a series of expansions, which may include inactive peptidases.
Positive_regulation (vertebrate) of peptidase
1) Confidence 0.49 Published 2008 Journal BMC Evol Biol Section Body Doc Link PMC2259306 Disease Relevance 0.06 Pain Relevance 0.03
The hydrolysis of the substrate was linear with time and was strongly inhibited by two irreversible inhibitors of cysteine peptidases (E64 and K11777), all at a concentration of 10 ?
Positive_regulation (cysteine) of peptidase
2) Confidence 0.49 Published 2006 Journal Proteome Sci Section Body Doc Link PMC1462989 Disease Relevance 0 Pain Relevance 0
Comparison of the rate of enkephalin hydrolysis and pattern of metabolite accumulation in the absence vs. the presence of various peptidase inhibitors suggested that a bestatin-sensitive aminopeptidase, probably aminopeptidase M, is the primary enzyme responsible for the hydrolysis of enkephalin by chick plasma, and that less than 1% of the total hydrolysis of [Leu]-enkephalin by chick plasma is attributable to dipeptidyl carboxy-peptidase activity.
Positive_regulation (attributable) of carboxy-peptidase in plasma associated with enkephalin
3) Confidence 0.34 Published 1991 Journal J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. Section Abstract Doc Link 1994000 Disease Relevance 0 Pain Relevance 0.68
The differential effects of RB 38A in the various assays is likely to be related to the amount of enkephalins released and to the efficiency of peptidase inactivation in particular brain regions implicated in the control of a given nociceptive input.
Positive_regulation (inactivation) of peptidase in brain associated with nociception and enkephalin
4) Confidence 0.32 Published 1991 Journal Eur. J. Pharmacol. Section Abstract Doc Link 2032557 Disease Relevance 0.18 Pain Relevance 1.27
On the other hand, hot-plate assay (for central effect) did not indicate obvious analgesic effect after s.c. administration of CcpLE or EcpLE with pretreatment of peptidase inhibitors.
Positive_regulation (pretreatment) of peptidase associated with analgesic
5) Confidence 0.28 Published 1997 Journal Res. Commun. Mol. Pathol. Pharmacol. Section Abstract Doc Link 9055351 Disease Relevance 0 Pain Relevance 1.07
The synthetic enkephalin analogs demonstrated small increases in potency with peptidase inhibition (no increase in the case of DPDPE), whereas the naturally occurring peptides were markedly increased in potency, up to as much as 123-fold for dermenkephalin.
Neg (no) Positive_regulation (increase) of peptidase associated with enkephalin and potency
6) Confidence 0.25 Published 1991 Journal Life Sci. Section Abstract Doc Link 1847736 Disease Relevance 0 Pain Relevance 0.99
Independence Bayes and the automatic rule induction techniques ID3, NewId, PRISM, CN2, C4.5 and ITRULE were trained with 839 cases and separately tested on 415 cases.
Positive_regulation (induction) of CN2
7) Confidence 0.16 Published 1996 Journal Artif Intell Med Section Abstract Doc Link 8963379 Disease Relevance 0.23 Pain Relevance 0.29
Its structure appears to satisfy the substrate requirements of the proteinase, dipeptidyl peptidase IV which removes dipeptides from the amino terminus of peptides containing proline as the penultimate amino acid.
Positive_regulation (requirements) of peptidase
8) Confidence 0.05 Published 1999 Journal Brain Res. Section Abstract Doc Link 9878785 Disease Relevance 0 Pain Relevance 0.37
The obtained values for KA and e(rel) suggest that: (i) incorporation of Cys(O2NH2)2 in the molecule of [Leu5]enkephalin highly increases the efficacy and does not change significantly the affinity of the respective analogues to delta-opioid receptors; [Cys(O2NH2)2, Leu5]enkephalin has higher affinity than DPDPE, but is less resistant to enzyme degradation; the effect of this modification on the efficacy is decreased when methionine is in position 5; (ii) D-configuration of Cys(O2NH2)2-containing analogues increases their peptidase resistance, but reduces efficacy and affinity of the peptides towards delta-opioid receptors; (iii) the substitution of Cys(O2NH2) with Hcy(O2NH2) reduces the efficacy, affinity and potency of the respective analogues and maintains their sensitivity to endogenous peptidases; (iv) the substitution of the sulfonamide group with benzyl group in the molecule of Cys in position 2 decreases their efficacy and affinity toward delta-opioid receptors, but attaches resistance to enzyme degradation.
Positive_regulation (increases) of peptidase associated with delta opioid receptors, enkephalin and potency
9) Confidence 0.04 Published 2004 Journal Eur. J. Pharmacol. Section Abstract Doc Link 15364002 Disease Relevance 0 Pain Relevance 0.85
One potential outcome of these structural changes is stabilization against peptidase activity, an important criterion in developing effective therapeutics.
Positive_regulation (stabilization) of peptidase
10) Confidence 0.02 Published 2008 Journal BMC Neurosci Section Body Doc Link PMC2604898 Disease Relevance 0 Pain Relevance 0.13
In one of our patients we noticed abnormal enhancement of the thickened CN V-2 within the foramen rotundum at diagnosis.
Positive_regulation (enhancement) of CN V-2 in foramen rotundum
11) Confidence 0.00 Published 2010 Journal Pediatr Radiol Section Body Doc Link PMC2950273 Disease Relevance 0.64 Pain Relevance 0.18

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