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Context Info
Confidence 0.45
First Reported 1983
Last Reported 2010
Negated 3
Speculated 3
Reported most in Abstract
Documents 13
Total Number 16
Disease Relevance 5.49
Pain Relevance 3.75

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plasma membrane (Tbxa2r) signal transducer activity (Tbxa2r)
Anatomy Link Frequency
plasma 4
blood 1
nerve 1
colon 1
platelet 1
Tbxa2r (Rattus norvegicus)
Pain Link Frequency Relevance Heat
aspirin 61 100.00 Very High Very High Very High
anesthesia 5 100.00 Very High Very High Very High
adenocard 3 100.00 Very High Very High Very High
antagonist 20 99.96 Very High Very High Very High
cINOD 11 99.92 Very High Very High Very High
Hyperalgesia 3 99.32 Very High Very High Very High
diclofenac 4 98.32 Very High Very High Very High
Catecholamine 5 97.16 Very High Very High Very High
Inflammation 28 96.04 Very High Very High Very High
lidocaine 4 95.08 Very High Very High Very High
Disease Link Frequency Relevance Heat
Thrombosis Related Under Development 2 99.38 Very High Very High Very High
Hyperalgesia 3 99.32 Very High Very High Very High
INFLAMMATION 35 99.20 Very High Very High Very High
Coronary Artery Disease 25 98.84 Very High Very High Very High
Thrombosis 12 98.16 Very High Very High Very High
Hypertension 3 95.12 Very High Very High Very High
Arrhythmias 2 Under Development 2 94.16 High High
Muscular Spasm 2 92.88 High High
Cv General 3 Under Development 8 92.60 High High
Neurodegenerative Disease 7 92.48 High High

Sentences Mentioned In

Key: Protein Mutation Event Anatomy Negation Speculation Pain term Disease term
The purpose of this study was to examine the roles of TXA2 and LTB4 in the hyperalgesia induced by application of nucleus pulposus to the lumbar nerve root in the rat.
Spec (examine) Regulation (roles) of TXA2 in nerve associated with hyperalgesia
1) Confidence 0.45 Published 2001 Journal J. Orthop. Res. Section Abstract Doc Link 11398862 Disease Relevance 0.58 Pain Relevance 0.72
The effect of carbocyclic thromboxane A2 (CTXA2) on short-circuit current (Isc) was studied in two preparations of the rat colon descendens, one with and one without the submucosal plexus.
Regulation (effect) of carbocyclic thromboxane A2 in colon
2) Confidence 0.42 Published 1991 Journal Eicosanoids Section Abstract Doc Link 1838696 Disease Relevance 0 Pain Relevance 0.08
The effects of the cyclooxygenase inhibitor acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) and of the TXA2 receptor antagonist BM 13177 on blood pressure and on the efficiency of antihypertensive drugs were investigated in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR).
Spec (investigated) Regulation (effects) of TXA2 receptor in blood associated with aspirin, antagonist and hypertension
3) Confidence 0.29 Published 1988 Journal Biomed. Biochim. Acta Section Abstract Doc Link 3248120 Disease Relevance 0.32 Pain Relevance 0.36
Our findings demonstrate that androgen exerts its regulatory role by altering plasma ANP levels and the TXA2/PGI2 ratio.
Regulation (altering) of TXA2 in plasma
4) Confidence 0.21 Published 1993 Journal Chin. Med. Sci. J. Section Abstract Doc Link 8032065 Disease Relevance 0.76 Pain Relevance 0.08
We evaluated the effects of androgen (Sustanon 250) administration on plasma ANP, PGI2 and thromboxane (TXA2) levels in elderly men with CHD.
Regulation (effects) of TXA2 in plasma associated with coronary artery disease
5) Confidence 0.18 Published 1993 Journal Chin. Med. Sci. J. Section Abstract Doc Link 8032065 Disease Relevance 1.02 Pain Relevance 0.13
Alternatively, the age-related changes in pharmacokinetic parameters were not of sufficient magnitude to produce a significant change in drug response, naproxen, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, age, rats, thromboxane B2, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Regulation (change) of thromboxane B2 associated with inflammation and cinod
6) Confidence 0.18 Published 1995 Journal Exp. Gerontol. Section Abstract Doc Link 8557098 Disease Relevance 0.10 Pain Relevance 0.10
Furthermore, we examined the effect of the thromboxane receptor antagonist S-1452 (0.01 or 0.1 mg/kg, i.p. 24 and 1 h before anesthesia) on this IL-8 induced BHR.
Spec (examined) Regulation (effect) of thromboxane receptor associated with anesthesia and antagonist
7) Confidence 0.03 Published 1995 Journal Clin. Exp. Allergy Section Abstract Doc Link 7728625 Disease Relevance 0.05 Pain Relevance 0.18
We then determined its structure using X-ray crystallography and showed that there is a single binding site in one domain of the protein, accommodating both thromboxane A2 and cysteinyl leukotrienes, and that this site is responsible for the scavenging effect of the protein.
Regulation (accommodating) of thromboxane A2
8) Confidence 0.03 Published 2010 Journal PLoS Biology Section Abstract Doc Link PMC2994686 Disease Relevance 0.56 Pain Relevance 0.12
Effects of thromboxane synthetase inhibitor (UK 38,485) and thromboxane receptor antagonist (ICI 185,282) on digoxin-induced arrhythmias in anaesthetized guinea-pigs.
Regulation (Effects) of thromboxane receptor associated with anesthesia and antagonist
9) Confidence 0.02 Published 1988 Journal Clin. Exp. Pharmacol. Physiol. Section Title Doc Link 3243019 Disease Relevance 0.13 Pain Relevance 0.26
Meloxicam had a weaker effect on serum thromboxane-B2 (TXB2) concentration in rats than piroxicam or tenoxicam.
Regulation (effect) of thromboxane-B2
10) Confidence 0.02 Published 1996 Journal Biochem. Pharmacol. Section Abstract Doc Link 8534265 Disease Relevance 0.33 Pain Relevance 0.26
Plasma 6-keto prostaglandin Fl alpha (6-k-PGF1 alpha) increased transiently from a baseline level of 304 +/- 44 to 2083 +/- 698 pg/ml plasma in mixed venous blood 30 minutes after incision in the placebo group (p less than 0.05), but no other significant change in plasma 6-keto prostaglandin Fl alpha or in thromboxane B2 occurred in either group at any other time.
Neg (no) Regulation (change) of thromboxane B2 in plasma
11) Confidence 0.01 Published 1991 Journal J. Vasc. Surg. Section Abstract Doc Link 2038109 Disease Relevance 0.15 Pain Relevance 0.12
Prevention of intra-coronary thrombosis in the anaesthetised dog: the importance of thromboxane A2 and thrombin.
Regulation (importance) of thromboxane A2 associated with anesthesia and thrombosis related under development
12) Confidence 0.01 Published 1994 Journal Thromb. Haemost. Section Title Doc Link 8029802 Disease Relevance 0.25 Pain Relevance 0.46
Another substance that targets the thromboxane receptor also inhibits thromboxane synthase, and thus exerts dual inhibitory action.
Regulation (targets) of thromboxane receptor
13) Confidence 0.01 Published 2008 Journal Vascular Health and Risk Management Section Body Doc Link PMC2515423 Disease Relevance 0.42 Pain Relevance 0.09
Differential modulation of microglia superoxide anion and thromboxane B2 generation by the marine manzamines


Regulation (modulation) of thromboxane B2 in microglia
14) Confidence 0.01 Published 2005 Journal BMC Pharmacol Section Title Doc Link PMC1079881 Disease Relevance 0.16 Pain Relevance 0.03
Rest and peak exercise plasma concentrations were not significantly different for platelet factor 4, beta-thromboglobulin, thromboxane B2, fibrinopeptide A and thrombin-increasable fibrinopeptide B.
Neg (not) Regulation (different) of thromboxane B2 in platelet
15) Confidence 0.00 Published 1983 Journal J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. Section Abstract Doc Link 6339591 Disease Relevance 0.59 Pain Relevance 0.28
There were no significant effects on plasma levels of beta-thromboglobulin, collagen and adenosine diphosphate-stimulated platelet aggregation, thromboxane-B2-concentration in plasma after collagen and ADP stimulated platelet aggregation, or on plasma nor-adrenaline and adrenaline.
Neg (no) Regulation (effects) of thromboxane-B2-concentration in plasma associated with adenocard
16) Confidence 0.00 Published 1992 Journal Eur. J. Clin. Pharmacol. Section Abstract Doc Link 1387087 Disease Relevance 0.08 Pain Relevance 0.46

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