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Disease Term
Synonyms Disease Parasitic Liver, DISEASES PARASITIC LIVER, Liver Disease Parasitic, PARASITIC LIVER DISEASE
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Hot Single Events 1
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Single Events

The table below shows the top 200 pain related interactions that have been reported for Parasitic Liver Diseases. They are ordered first by their pain relevance and then by number of times they were reported in Parasitic Liver Diseases. Please click on the 'INT' link to display more detailed information on each interaction.

Int No Page link Event String Documents TM Confidence Disease Relevance Overall Pain Relevance Term Relevance
1 INT1827 Gene_expression of Aap 11 0.67 9.37 12.66 84.64
2 INT49983 Negative_regulation of Aap 12 0.58 3.16 7.92 42.52
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