Dr Michele Filannino

Dr Michele Filannino

PhD student (now Research Assistant at SUNY/MIT)


I am obsessed by the following question: Can computers understand time? My research attempts to positively answer that question by designing a software that exhibits such peculiar human mind's characteristic. I am interested in measuring, in an objective way, what is the performance difference between such software and a person. Finally, I sometimes challenge myself in figuring out some interesting new applications of such technology.



  • Healthcare text mining projects: mining clinical narratives and patient-generated data

    We currently run a number of projects to extract various structured data from unstructured clinical narratives and electronic healthcare records (EHRs). In previous projects we have developed a combination of rule-based and machine-learning methods to identify diseses that a patient has or does not have (“disease status”), including identification of…

  • Clinical Temporal Expression Mining

    The aim of this project is to extract mentions of temporal expressions in clinical narratives (and patient-generated data) using a combination of rule-based and machine-learning methods. We also aim to normalise those mentions through mapping them to their value (using the ISO-8601 representation (e.g. “2012-10-31T09:00″) and type (e.g. Date, Duration,…