Prof Robert Stevens

Prof Robert Stevens



I am a professor of computer science in the Bio-Health Informatics Group in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. I have a B.Sc. in biochemistry; an M.Sc. in biological Computation; and a D.Phil. in Computer Science: A blend of Biology and Computer Science, that I use within my main research area of Bioinformatics. I am also a member of the Information Management Group where I work with colleagues on both e-Science and description logics. I also have close affiliation with the Bioinformatics Groups from the Faculty of Life Sciences.



  • Mining bioinformatics service descriptions

    There are a number of services and resources available to the bioinformatics community, but meta-data that describe them is typically scarce. This project aims to develop text mining techniques to automatically describe, locate, retrieve and reason about bioinformatics services and resources. We investigate methods that extract descriptions from various document…