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Licences comparison (Are you looking for Licence holders?)

The following licences are the most common ones in the software area nowadays. The table show the main differences between them in order to give you the possibility of making an informed decision. Choose your licence very carefully. You can use the links in the name of licences to find the proper signature required in your code.

Licence name Can give my name for derived work? Should my code be used only by open-source projets? Should derived works remained open-source? Can change license type for derived work? Can sell derived work?
None No No No No No
Public domain Yes No No No No
GPL-3 Yes (you should highlight changes) Yes Yes (only if published) No No
LGPL Yes No as in GPL but can link compiled libraries as-are into non-open source software Yes for compatible Yes
MIT/X11 Yes No No Yes Yes
BSD-2Clause / FreeBSD Yes No No Yes Yes
BSD-3Clause Yes No No Yes Yes
Python 2.0 Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Apache 2.0 Yes No No Yes Yes

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Page last modified on May 11, 2012 at 11:26