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  1. R. Witte: Introduction to Text Mining
  2. P.M. Nadkarni, L. Ohno-Machado, W.W. Chapman: Natural language processing: an introduction
  3. M. Krallinger: Text Mining Tools in Biology (print)
  4. M. Krallinger: Text Mining Tools in Biology (presentation)
  5. R. Morante: Modality and Negation in Natural Language Processing
  6. P. Resnik: Short Course: Statistical Methods in NLP
  7. R.R. Larson: Term Weighting and Ranking Algorithms
  8. UMLS: UMLS, SPECIALIST Lexcion, NLP Tools (presentations)
  9. P.Jackson: Natural Language Processing for Online Applications: Text Retrieval, Extraction and Categorization


  1. T. Polajnar, 2006: Survey of Text Mining of Biomedical Corpora
  2. A. Hotho, A. Nurnberger, G. Paaß, 2005 A Brief Survey of Text Mining
  3. Ben-Dov, M. & Feldman, R.: Text Mining and Information Extraction
  4. B. Li: Sentiment Analysis and Subjectivity
  5. X. Zhu: Semi-Supervised Learning Literature Survey
  6. C. C. Aggarwal, C. Zhai: A Survey of Text Clustering Algorithms


  1. Text Mining YouTube Channel: Text Mining Channel
  2. O'Reilly STRATA Conference, 2011: Strata video stream

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