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GATE is a open source text mining platform capable of solving almost any text processing problem. It comes with various 'processing modules' such as pre-processing, lexical, syntactic, and semantic resources. GATE is shipped with ANNIE (a Nearly-New Information Extraction System) which is a set of processing modules ready to be applied out-of-the-box. In addition, GATE comes equipped with JAPE grammar which is probably the most powerful rule-based language available for text mining!

In short, a great tool for beginners and experts alike!

GATE 6.1 is installed on gnode1: /usr/local/GATE-6.1

Run instructions:
1) ssh with -X
2) /usr/local/GATE-6.1/bin/ -ld
3) Use gate!

Note: global variable $GATE_HOME is set to /usr/local/GATE-6.1 so you can, e.g., cd $GATE_HOME/bin .

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Page last modified on March 20, 2012 at 15:09