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"TerMine is the terminological management system with the C-Value term extraction and AcroMine acronym recognition integrated."

Termine makes use of a variety of approaches to automatically extract multi-word terms from full text literature. It uses a C-value/NC-value method. This combines the standard linguistic C-value approach (aims to improve extraction of nested multi-word terms) with the NC-value incorporating additional context (to improve multi-word term extraction in general).

The initial linguistic part comprises of standard POS tagging, a lingusitic filter and a stop list. The additional statistic side builds a measure based on frequency counts of candidate strings alone and within other candidate strings, the numbers of longer candidate strings and the length of the given candidate string (in words).

It is currently available as a web form or (with permission) also for batch and automated web services based processing; see their home page. In addition, this also features AcroMine, which is a acronym resolution program based on a pre-evaluated MEDLINE corpus. It was developed at (and is still currently maintained) by NacTeM.

For more information see this paper.

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