The current TEAM


We are part of the Text Mining/NLP research group within the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, and are affiliated with Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. The current TEAM includes
  • Dr Goran Nenadic, Senior Lecturer, research leader
  • Dr George Karystianis, PDRA (clinical text mining)
  • Azad Dehghan, PhD student (medical text mining and process modelling, with J. Keane)
  • Mona Zaki, PhD Student (data quality aspects of question and answer reports, with C. Theodoulidis)
  • Rosyzie Anna Apong, PhD Student (text analytics and semantic analysis)
  • Michele Filannino, PhD Student (temporal clinical text mining, with G. Brown)
  • Ruth Stoney, PhD Student (with J-M. Schwartz and D. Robertson)
  • Nikola Milošević, PhD Student (biomedical table mining and data curation, with R. Hernandez and C. Gregson, AstraZeneca)
  • Dr Jenny Newman, PhD Student (continuous surveillance of companion animal disease from clinical free-text, with P. Jones, P-J. Noble and A. Radford - SAVSNET)
  • Dr Warren Read, PDRA (ontology development, the BioHub-1 project, with R. Stevens and Unilever)
  • Dr George Demetriou, PDRA (text mining, the BioHub-2 project, with R. Stevens and Unilever)